Haircare without Waste

I’ve been trying to “green” my haircare regime for years now.

I tried to go no-poo twice, both complete failures, which I realised was due to the super hard water we have in Oxford and London. My hair never got out of the yucky greasy transition phase.

I used Green People shampoos and conditioners with great success for a year or two, but I don’t like that they come packaged in plastic tubes – 100% recyclable plastic can only be recycled 2-3 times. Sort it out!

Lush shampoo bars are ace! I’ve been using them for the last couple of years, since a trip to Vietnam with hand-luggage only, but recently my boyfriend had some issues with contact dermatitis on his eyelids after using one for a few weeks. I keep telling him not to wash his face with it, but it’s not worth the trouble sometimes. My research tells me that shampoo bars have more concentrated ingredients in them than they would in liquid form, so can sometimes cause irritation, and it made my scalp feel tight and itchy just thinking about it.

So now I’m looking for another green shampoo solution.

Faith in Nature do 5 litre bottles of their shampoos, conditioners and shower gels, and I’ve heard good things from friends and relatives, but I’ve never tried them myself. I bought a small bottle for my boyfriend yesterday to see if it causes any eyelid issues before we spend £50 on a 5 litre bottle.

I’ve just received some Beauty Kube samples I ordered a few days ago. For £1.50 each you get 2 “kubes”. I ordered samples for oily hair, normal hair and men (for the bf). You use one cube per shower, wet your hair, wet the cube in your hand until it forms a paste, and lather it up in your hair. Using the oily hair version first, I wasn’t sure how it would fair in the London water, but it actually lathered up really well, though I do have a showerhead filter (I just haven’t changed the beads in 2 years – so lazy!). I didn’t bother with any conditioner after, because I want to see how it affects my hair. So far so good. Will try the other oily and normal hair cubes before I reach a verdict, of course.

Update 17th March 2019: Not sure what I did wrong this morning, but I couldn’t get the cube to become paste. It stayed solid in my hands. Every time I added more water it washed the few suds I’d made away. I squished it between my fingers to break it up and ended up with the half-crumbled bits all over my fingers. I tried to rub it into my scalp as it was, but it didn’t foam enough to cover my head. I grabbed one of the “normal hair” sample cubes and tried again, but had mostly the same problem. I managed to get enough of a foam to get my whole head clean, but it was tough. I followed up with some conditioner as below and my hair dried clean and soft.

For conditioner, I’m really happy with my current use of diluted apple cider vinegar (except for the smell sometimes). I keep a small ramekin in the shower which I fill to between quarter to half full of organic apple cider vinegar, depending on my hair situation (more vinegar for softer, shinier hair), and fill up with shower water when I’m ready. I tip it over my hair, run my hands through to disperse, and squeeze out the excess. This is truly the best conditioner I’ve ever used, bar none. The smell does mostly dissipate once the hair is dry, but there’s always a slight lingering smell that’s not inherently vinegary, musty perhaps, that wafts up my nose when my hair gets in my face. I have made myself a “New Hair” spray that smells like Kerastase products and keeps the smell away for a bit, though – I’ll write up the recipe soon.

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